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Local (New) New rules for hospital 'boarding' of psychiatric patients
Washington's Department of Social and Health Services said it complied with a Friday deadline set by the state Supreme Court to stop "warehousing" mentally ill people in emergency rooms and hospitals just because certified treatment facilities are already full.



Offbeat At age 101, dedicated union rep is calling it quits At age 101, dedicated union rep is calling it quits
At 101, Charlie Ponti has finally decided to retire for good - probably. On Dec. 31, he will officially finish up a 77-year stint with the Office and Professional Employees International Union Local 153.

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Home Kangaroo annoyed by drone Kangaroo annoyed by drone (Video)
A kangaroo in Australia knocked an aerial drone out of the sky when it flew a little too close.

The drone was retrieved but damaged beyond repair.

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Technology PlayStation, Xbox outages spark debate over hacker claims PlayStation, Xbox outages spark debate over hacker claims
Sony's PlayStation network remained offline Friday on the second day of an outage that began roiling the online world just as eager video game players were unwrapping new consoles on Christmas morning.
Consumer Timely tips on holiday returns Timely tips on holiday returns
Here we are, the day after Christmas, and you got some gifts you've just got to take back. Relax! There's no need to rush. Most stores accept holiday returns well into January.
Consumer Consumer Reports: Travel Club Gotchas Consumer Reports: Travel Club Gotchas
Expensive vacations to exotic places often seem out of reach. So many people join travel clubs, which promise years of discounted airfare, hotels and dining.



Entertainment Texas movie set used by John Wayne fading away (Photo Gallery)
Time and Mother Nature are threatening to dismantle the Alamo. Not the original, but the replica 18th-century Spanish mission and Old West movie set John Wayne built for his Oscar-nominated 1960 movie and that for decades was a tourist mecca and film production site.
Entertainment Streaming release of 'Interview' test for industry
Sony's "The Interview" has been a hacking target, a punchline and a political lightning rod. Now, with its release online at the same time it debuts in theaters, it has a new role: a test for a new kind of movie release.


Technology It's down to the wire for online shopping
As the holiday shopping season winds down, FedEx, UPS and online retailers are using the last few days to try to avoid the problems that occurred last year when severe winter weather and a surge in late orders from shoppers caused delivery delays.
Technology Sony saga blends foreign intrigue, star wattage
The hackers who hit Sony Pictures Entertainment days before Thanksgiving crippled the network, stole gigabytes of data and spilled into public view unreleased films and reams of private and sometimes embarrassing executive emails.
Technology Security flaws allow global cellular eavesdropping
Security flaws in a system used by cellphone carriers around the world could open the door to wide-ranging surveillance of mobile phone traffic, according to a German researcher who discovered the problem.


Business Flying high: Airstream can't keep up with demand
Not only are the retro-looking "silver bullet" travel-trailers still being built by hand at the same western Ohio site that has produced them for 60 years, but the company also can't roll them out of there fast enough to meet the demand these days.
Business Japan's McDonald's to put big fries back on menu
McDonald's Japan said Friday it will resume serving all portion sizes of fries on Jan. 5 after resolving shortages due to labor disruptions on the U.S. West Coast. The fast-food giant began limiting customers to orders of small fries earlier this month.


Offbeat Chugging eggnog sends Utah man to hospital
A Utah man says he's fully recovered after he was hospitalized for chugging a quart of eggnog so quickly that he inhaled some of creamy holiday beverage into his lungs.