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National & World Debris spotted as crews search for ship, 33 lost off Bahamas
Rescuers spotted floating debris and an oil sheen Sunday as U.S. crews continued an intensive search off the southeastern Bahamas for a U.S. cargo ship with 33 people on board. The company that owns the ship said a container that appears to belong to the vessel had been found as well.
National & World Report: Inmates slip away en route to halfway houses
More than 240 inmates have slipped away from federal custody in the past three years while traveling to halfway houses, including several who committed bank robberies and a carjacking while on the lam, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.



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YouNews Lunar Eclipse Sep 27 Lunar Eclipse Sep 27
This pic was taken at Starry Hill Observatory by two high school students: Gwen Pederson and Brett Emery.

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Local Uncle of UCC shooting survivor recounts niece's fateful call (Video)
It started with rumblings from nearby coworkers of a shooting in Roseburg. Naturally, it got St. Helen's native Justin Boylan's attention right away. His niece, 18-year-old Ana Boylan had, just says before, started her freshman year at Umpqua Community College.

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National & World Trial to begin for teen charged in teacher's rape, killing
One day in the fall of 2013, Colleen Ritzer asked one of her 9th-grade algebra students to stay after school. Hours later, the body of the popular, 24-year-old teacher was found in nearby woods, partly covered by leaves. She had been raped and her throat had been slit with a box cutter. Near her body was a note reading, "I hate you all."


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Seattle Refined - Life is Different Here This is why we climb
This morning, we join hundreds of other locals to climb the Space Needle for Base 2 Space: Seattle’s Most Iconic Stair Climb to benefit Fred Hutch.

We joked a lot about the climb; how crazy we are to participate, how hard it’s going to be, and how sore we will be tomorrow.
Seattle Refined - Life is Different Here The 5 most delicious reasons to go to Orcas Island (Photo Gallery)
Traveling to Orcas means finding an oyster-woman who gives shucking lessons at a picnic table, chatting up the chefs who bring out their own wood-fired vegetables to the table, and sitting down at the high-volume cafe willing to put the local and unusual on an otherwise straight-forward menu.
Seattle Refined - Life is Different Here Sponsored: Hollywood Nights at Teatro ZinZanni (Photo Gallery)
Get ready as Teatro ZinZanni rolls out the red carpet for a night where old Hollywood glamour reigns supreme! When a famous movie director makes reservations at a local fine dining establishment, the restaurant scrambles to get everything in tip-top shape; little do they know that they will soon play a major role in his upcoming film! Movie stars, stuntmen, and production crew arrive on location at the stunning spiegeltent where they will live out their cinematic dreams. The A-List cast features a sous chef that juggles more than plates, a hostess with operatic dreams, servers tapping for their 15 minutes of fame, and silver screen stars who take the art of film to new heights.

Lights, Camera, ACTION! Get your ticket to the star-studded premiere of Hollywood Nights.

September 17 - January 31, 2016

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Technology VW, Audi offer online check if vehicle has trick software VW, Audi offer online check if vehicle has trick software
Volkswagen and its Audi subsidiary said Friday that customers in Germany can now go to their websites to see if their vehicles are among those installed with software that the company says was used to manipulate U.S. emissions testing.
Consumer Great picture quality, but wait to buy Ultra HDTV Great picture quality, but wait to buy Ultra HDTV (Video)
Sales of ultra high-definition TVs are up sharply this year. With their great picture quality, it's no wonder. Ultra high-def TVs offer four times the pixels of regular HD TVs, which means four times the detail. The best models Consumer Reports tested offer superior picture quality, and the vast majority are smart TVs with access to Internet content.


Weather 'Water year' rainfall nearly normal, so how are we in a drought? 'Water year' rainfall nearly normal, so how are we in a drought? (Photo Gallery)
Happy start of the rainy season in Seattle! Sure, it's blazing sunshine of late again, but Oct. 1 is the official start and thus also marks the start/end point of the "water year."

In addition to tracking rainfall from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, NOAA also tracks it from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30 (calling it the "water year" rainfall) since our rainy season goes from October to March, this way we can also get a good gauge of the autumn/winter as a whole and its impact on our water and snowpack situations.

For 2014-15, Seattle ended up with 36.82 inches of rain, just 2/3" below the normal of 37.49 inches.

But this year, it'd be real nice if "rainy season" lived up to its title, since our drought is still going stong.

Now some are probably wondering: "Wait a minute, but you just said we weren't that far below normal for our past 'water year', how can it be a drought?" Indeed, last year we had about 39.11" for our 2013-14 water year -- just a little more than 2" than this year -- and we weren't in this bad of shape.
Weather Cool September breaks Seattle's 18-month heat streak Cool September breaks Seattle's 18-month heat streak
Seattle's 18-month streak of consecutive months with above normal monthly temperatures has finally (mercifully?) come to an end.

September's average temperature was 60.5 degrees, coming in below our typical average temperature of 61.3 degrees. It's the first time we've been below normal for a month since Feb. 2014.



Technology Lucasfilm shows off VR prototype for 'Star Wars' filmmaking
Before a planet in a galaxy far, far away is completely constructed inside a computer or entirely built somewhere in the real world, "Star Wars" filmmakers are now able to visit it in virtual reality before production commences.
Technology Ad blockers rise as ads annoy, bog down websites
When you visit a website, you often find yourself waiting and waiting for advertisements to load. Video starts playing automatically, and animated ads jump in front of what you were there to see. The seconds tick by. It doesn't have to be this way.


Business Weakness and strength: 7 snapshots of the US job market
Employers added a meager 142,000 jobs in September, the government said Friday. And the average job gain for each of the past three months - 167,000 - is well below the 231,000 average for the previous three.