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Local State House votes to restrict surveillance, drones
The Washington state House of Representatives passed a series of bills Wednesday to strengthen privacy rights against emerging incursions from surveillance technology and drone aircraft.



Offbeat Canadians 'Spocking' the image of ex-minister on $5 bill Canadians 'Spocking' the image of ex-minister on $5 bill
The death of actor Leonard Nimoy last week has inspired people to post photos on social media of marked-up five-dollar Canadian banknotes that show former prime minister Wilfrid Laurier transformed to resemble Spock, Nimoy's famous "Star Trek" character.

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YouNews 8k raised for Boy with Brain Cancer 8k raised for Boy with Brain Cancer
Joel Thomas Alldredge, son of Micah and Nancy Alldredge, and Older brother of Eli, is an amazing 5 year old boy. He is full of love for all those around him.

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Local Chemical fire burns inside Port of Vancouver Chemical fire burns inside Port of Vancouver
A fire in a container terminal has shut down sections of Vancouver's port and nearby streets as police advise area residents to stay inside and keep their windows and doors closed.

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National & World Second Los Angeles hospital reports 'superbug' infections
Four patients at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center have been infected with an antibiotic-resistant "superbug" linked to a type of medical scope that's used on more than a half-million people in the U.S. every year, the hospital said Wednesday.


Sports AP: MLS, players agree in principle to 5-year deal
A person familiar with the deal tells The Associated Press that Major League Soccer and its players' union have agreed in principle to a five-year labor contract, averting a possible strike ahead of Friday's season opener.
Sports MLS: Playing for $36,000 with millionaire teammates
Zach Scott now plays before crowds of more than 60,000 fans in Seattle with Sounders teammate Clint Dempsey, who made $6.7 million last year. Scott has started 67 games in six MLS seasons, yet he has never made more than $52,500 a year.

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Weather 'Partly sunny' vs. 'mostly cloudy' -- yes they mean something different 'Partly sunny' vs. 'mostly cloudy' -- yes they mean something different
It's a surprisingly common question we get around here: "What's the difference between 'partly sunny' and 'mostly cloudy'? Isn't it if it's one, it's also the other?"

Yes and no. At least for the forecasts written by the National Weather Service, there are very specific definitions in their zone forecasts that are broken down into each region.

(You've likely seen those forecasts -- for instance, they're the ones in all caps you see if you've ever been a fan of "Weather on the 8's" on a certain dominant national weather channel.)



Technology Regulators approve tougher rules for Internet providers
Internet activists declared victory over the nation's big cable companies Thursday, after the Federal Communications Commission voted to impose the toughest rules yet on broadband providers like Comcast, Verizon and AT&T to prevent them from creating paid fast lanes and slowing or blocking web traffic.


Business McDonald's dropping human antibiotics from chicken
McDonald's says it plans to start using chicken raised without antibiotics commonly used in humans, and milk from cows that are not treated with an artificial growth hormone.
Business Exxon CEO: Get used to lower oil prices
Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson expects the price of oil to remain low over the next two years because of ample global supplies and relatively weak economic growth.


Offbeat Snowy Boston starts removing parking-space savers (Photo Gallery)
Bostonians have another reason to be steamed about this winter of epic snow: The city is starting to remove the lawn chairs, milk crates, orange cones and other stuff that people set out in the street to reserve the parking spaces they've dug out.