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National & World Dutch probe: Missile downed MH17 over rebel-held Ukraine (New) Dutch probe: Missile downed MH17 over rebel-held Ukraine (Photo Gallery)
A missile launched from rebel-held Ukraine smashed into Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, ripping off the cockpit, Dutch investigators reported Tuesday, adding that some passengers may have remained conscious for another minute or so as the airflow tore off their clothes.


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Consumer Helping seniors prevent falls Helping seniors prevent falls
It happens every 15 seconds – someone 65 or older falls and needs to go to the hospital. For an older person, a fall can be serious, even life-threatening. In fact, they're the leading cause of death due to injury for seniors in this country.
Consumer Cutting teen car insurance costs Cutting teen car insurance costs (Video)
Getting a driver’s license is a big milestone for teenagers and their families. But along with that is the worry of rocketing insurance premiums.


Weather Rainier Beach really is rainier than anywhere else in Seattle Rainier Beach really is rainier than anywhere else in Seattle
When Seattle's neighborhoods were given their names way back when, it turns out "Rainier Beach" could have had an alternate name:

"Rainiest Beach"

The Seattle Public Utilities, which operates 17 rain gauges spread across the city, has gone back over their past 35 years of data and have discovered Seattle's rains are not equal. Some parts of the city get as much as 20 percent more rain per year on average than others. SPU has used this data to declare the wettest spot in the city: The Rainier Beach neighborhood.



Technology Tokyo auto show to highlight 'smart' green cars (Photo Gallery)
The Tokyo Motor Show, opening to the public Oct. 30 at Tokyo Big Sight convention hall, will be packed with futuristic eye-catching vehicles that drive themselves, offer online information in dazzling ways and are so green they are zero-emissions.


Business (New) World's biggest beer makers agree to join forces
The world's top two beer makers agreed Tuesday to join forces to create a company that would control nearly a third of the global market and threaten to dominate the U.S. by bringing together Budweiser and Miller Genuine Draft.


Offbeat Sea turtles don swimsuits for science (Photo Gallery)
Collecting the feces of an extremely strong, 120kg sea turtle in the open ocean is no simple task. But University of Queensland researchers have developed an ingenious solution, by dressing the turtles in stylish, customized swimsuits.