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Scott Sistek
Scott Sistek / Weather
Scott is not only the staff meteorologist for, but is also a content producer for the entire site which helps keep him busy during the five days of the year when Seattle's weather is uneventful.

Scott also is the author of the Partly to Mostly Bloggin' weather blog both here at KOMO and at our sister station in Portland,

The blog was recently honored with a 2nd place finish in the regional "Best Specialized Blog" category in the 2009 and 2011 Society of Professional Journalists annual awards.

Scott graduated from the University of Washington in 1994 with a degree in Atmospheric Sciences and started at KOMO two days later as Steve Pool's weather producer.

Scott took a three year hiatus in the late 90s to go work for the company that created KOMO's weather software (remember the green weather wand?) but missed KOMO's unique lunchroom coffee blend of java and grounds and came back to KOMO full time in January 2000 as both a staff meteorologist and a news web content producer. (Yes, he was 9 years ahead of the hybrid craze!)

These days, Scott writes the weekday afternoon weather forecast on's weather site, as well as original content for his weather blog and weather and science-related stories for the home page.

Scott's also a published author. He co-wrote the book "Somewhere I Was Right" with Steve Pool -- a fun look at the zaniness that is Northwest Weather. You can find more information about the book at

He was born in Port Angeles, but considers himself a "child of the Northwest", having lived in several places along the Pacific Coast through childhood as the son of a Coast Guard search and rescue pilot, before returning to the Seattle area in 1990. He's a big Mariners' fan -- that's how he met his wife Michelle -- and loves fantasy baseball. (He welcomes any drafting tips or hot prospect information you might have.)

He's also the self-proclaimed "Spokesperson for Seattle's rain fans" -- Scott's not too happy when it gets close to, or above 80 or when the rain stays away too long -- something that he shares with thousands of Seattleites who might possibly constitute a silent majority.

Scott's not on TV, but you can occasionally hear him on KOMO 1000 News when the weather is ornery, or even sometimes see the back of his head when Steve is live in the weather center (or, it might be an intern. No, Scott doesn't change his hair color every day). He did land a starring role in the movie "Life or Something Like It", which was the Angelina Jolie movie filmed in KOMO's newsroom, as "Head Behind Computer Monitor Number 12" for six seconds in one of the newsroom scenes.

He's married with two young daughters..

Recent stories by Scott Sistek

Weather Would 'swamp' coolers work well on hot Seattle days? Would 'swamp' coolers work well on hot Seattle days?
As Seattle sweats through a summer that is giving signs of being among the hottest on record, those who have eschewed air conditioning (eh, it's only used 3 days a year!) or live in a place where air conditioning is not an easy option, such as high-rise condo buildings that don’t allow window units and won't work well with portable air conditioners, might now be wondering what their options are.

Some have said they tough it out with a fan in front of a bowl of ice, but that's probably getting old, especially at night as the heat stretches from days to weeks.

I've had a few people ask me if "swamp coolers" or the more technical "evaporative coolers" would work as an alternate. They're usually cheaper than an air conditioning unit, can be ordered online, and some are portable and can work in a small room, such as a bedroom, to survive the heat until September... or October. Or 2016.
Weather June doesn’t just break, but destroys several Seattle temperature records June doesn’t just break, but destroys several Seattle temperature records (Photo Gallery)
The year 1992 is remembered for a few things around here: It's when Microsoft unveiled Windows 3.1 (No more DOS!), grunge music was all the rage, the Seahawks tried their best to get the top draft pick with a 2-14 record (don't ask how it turned out)…

And it was a very toasty year, rewriting several warm weather records in Seattle.

But when the clock struck midnight Tuesday night*, almost all those records in the books got up, grabbed their stuff, and rode off into the sunset.
Weather 113 in Walla Walla? Historical E. Washington heat wave shatters records 113 in Walla Walla? Historical E. Washington heat wave shatters records
Sunday was one of those classic summer days in the Desert Southwest. The high temperature in Phoenix was 110 degrees -- four degrees above a normal day on June 28, so Sunday was a bit hot even by Arizona standards.

Still, some in Eastern Washington could have headed there to cool off as the region baked in a historical heat wave.

An incredibly hot air mass destroyed high temperature records across Eastern Washington, not only reaching unheard of levels in June, but approaching some all-time heat records as we sit still four weeks short of the statistical peak of summer heat.
Weather Dozens of temperature records broken Saturday Dozens of temperature records broken Saturday (Photo Gallery)
The heat wave Saturday wasn't just impressive for the actual temperature readings, but for the time of year. Some of the temperature readings observed across the Pacific Northwest are usually reserved for the peak heat of the summer.

Some spots in Oregon and southeastern Washington broke not just daily temperature records, but all-time June records!

Here are a list of record reports from the various offices of the National Weather Service:
Weather Why you can escape this weekend's heat, but not next weekend's Why you can escape this weekend's heat, but not next weekend's
Seattle is set to reach the 90s this weekend, but there is relief to be found by making a jaunt to the coast where it's expected to stay in the 70s, or far North Sound where it'll stay in the low 80s. It'll be spread of temperatures similar to the last time Seattle reached the upper 80s in early June.

But a second heat event scheduled for the end of next week into the following weekend also has Seattle set to reach the 90s, only this time, there will be no escape. Even the coast will bake in the upper 80s and 90s.

How does the coast get off scot free in one heat event but not the other? It's all on the wind, or lack thereof.
Weather Northern Lights possible Monday night, and other weather tidbits Northern Lights possible Monday night, and other weather tidbits
UPDATE! The Northern Lights did come out Monday night!!! Here is my blog with the budding gallery of photos - incliding the one above taken by AlpineMike's Outdoor Photography. Thanks so much to all who stayed up so late to get photos!

A sunny and 76 degree day around Seattle might seem rather mundane, but we actually have quite a bit going on in the weather department that is worth noting.

Probably the most exciting is a strong geomagnetic storm that is in progress Monday and holds promise to last through Monday night -- at least long enough to get it dark around here.
Weather A few time lapse videos that will knock your socks off A few time lapse videos that will knock your socks off (Video)
Photographers have been busy getting some great shots of Mother Nature lately, both locally and around the globe.

Let's start locally -- I'm sure many of you saw the incredible sunset Wednesday night. Well, Michael Reid did the photos one better by capturing a time lapse video of the sunset from his perch high atop the Columbia Center (video above).
Weather Seattle warm stretch to last into September ... 2016?!? Seattle warm stretch to last into September ... 2016?!?
It's the third Thursday of the month, or as Seattle meteorologists are starting to know it as: "The day the new long range maps come out and say the same thing as last month's did."

Yes, it's time for the update to the monthly 30- and 90-day seasonal outlooks, and yes, it's pretty much the same as June's. And May's. And April's. And... you get the picture. At least for the temperature part.
Weather Shifting winds to present extra challenge to U.S. Open golfers Shifting winds to present extra challenge to U.S. Open golfers (Photo Gallery)
The entire focus of the golfing world will be on the Puget Sound region this week, with the U.S. Open taking place at University Place's Chambers Bay golf course from Thursday through Sunday.

While the beauty of the region will certainly be a topic of discussion during the broadcasts, I'm sure our rather soggy/cool reputation will come up once or thrice as well.

But while you might think rain would be the biggest challenge golfers might have assumed when they started plotting their strategy of playing a Pacific Northwest course (and it will, at least a little bit) it turns out it's the wind that could have a far greater effect on their scores.

Some of the golfers have already experienced the fickle Puget Sound weather in the practice rounds this week.
Weather When is a rainbow a 'sun dog' and when is it a 'halo'? When is a rainbow a 'sun dog' and when is it a 'halo'?
Tuesday was quite the weather variety show, with cirrus clouds floating around creating several different but colorful effects in the sky.

The sights were all in the same realm -- a small rainbow floating in the sky with nary a rain shower to be found - but they have different names depending on how they were created.