Local cat longs for longer leash

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EVERETT, Wash -- Cats usually march to their own beat. They're not known for their willingness to strap on a leash and go for a walk.

But Erika and Zach Price really wanted their cat Lexie to experience the freedom of the great outdoors, but without all the dangers. So when she was just a kitten, they tied a piece of string to her collar and she gradually got used to the idea of leash life.

Lindsay Cohen and I were working on another story in Everett when we ran into this tromping trio. Lexie still is pretty independent and wasn't all that helpful to us while filming this story. She was also rightfully suspicious of the big camera and the camera guy too.

'It felt like an explosion:' Tuesday storm shocks Seattle with lightning

'It felt like an explosion:' Tuesday storm shocks Seattle with lightning »Play Video

SEATTLE -- While driving up north on Aurora it didn't take long to realize something was in the air and headed that way. Looking west, Ballard was covered with black clouds and streaks of rain that seemed to stretch from the clouds to the ground. At 85th I saw the first flash of lightning and it was starting to rain. At 100th and Aurora I decided to pull off the road and start rolling my camera. I got one right away and turned my camera toward the NW direction leaving it roll while I powered up my computer. Three seconds later a big flash of light and huge BOOM shook the buildings and set off car alarms. Heavy rains and hail soon followed.

I didn't realized until looking at the footage and slowing it down that a finger of the lightning had hit the power pole  It immediately caused the traffic lights to flash red and traffic quickly backed up.

After it was all said and done, no one hurt, no big damage it is cool to see the power of nature. Maybe a bit too close this time though.

Seattle Art Museum makes good on Super Bowl bet, sends painting to New England

Seattle Art Museum makes good on Super Bowl bet, sends painting to New England »Play Video

SEATTLE -- The pain of losing Super Bowl 49 just never, ever ends.

The Seattle Art Museum made good on their bet with the Clark Art Institute in New England and Monday (temporarily) sent one of the museum's most beloved paintings back east. 

The piece that SAM bet is "Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast", painted in 1870 by Albert Bierstadt.

You can forgive the small error in the title (the Puget Sound doesn't technically go out to the coast) once you hear that Bierstadt never actually made it up here before painting it. He had been to the mouth of the Columbia River and based this work on that experience and a healthy dose of imagination.

The painting was boxed up in a custom crate, complete with Seahawk stickers, and will be couriered the 3000 miles to the Clark Art Institute in western Massachusetts. It will be on display there until June, when it will return home to Seattle.


WATCH: Hundreds gather to honor 43 lost in mudslide

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OSO, Wash. -- Exactly one year after the deadly Oso slide, hundreds of first responders, neighbors and family gathered at the site to remember those who were lost. 

Bagpipes lead the procession in to the base of the slide, and the flag that has stayed a half-staff was raised for the first time in a year. 

A moment of silence was held, and each fallen person's name was read aloud.

Here part of that ceremony, including every name read aloud.

Additional video by KOMO Photographer Stephen Ramaley

WATCH: Seattle Symphony throws unusual birthday party

WATCH: Seattle Symphony throws unusual birthday party »Play Video

What do you get someone for their 150th birthday?

If you're the Seattle Symphony, you give them their very own three-week long concert series.

Finnish composer Jean Sibelius came along at a pivotal point in his country's history. Finland was in the midst of securing its independence from Russia, and his grand scores helped establish a national identity and sense of pride. In Finland his birthday is a federal holiday and his face was on the 100-Markkaa bill. Seattle has a deep Nordic tradition, the festival coincides with a Finnish exhibit  at the Nordic Heritage Museum in Ballard.

The Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall is celebrating his 150th birthday with a three week festival, playing all 7 of his symphonies and other lesser-known works. 

Thomas Dausgaard, the symphony’s new Principal Guest Conductor said, “Through these seven works, he is searching for the essentials, he is going from lush, big, down to the absolute core values” 

Finland's ambassador to the US, Ritva Koukku-Ronde kicked off the festival, and the composer’s great-great-granddaughter, Ruusamari Teppo, led a discussion on her research into his music.

The president of the Finlandia foundation, Ossi Rahkonen, also gave their organization’s inaugural Award of Excellence to the symphony.

The festival continues this weekend. Tickets and more info here

The music featured in the video includes a portion of Symphony No. 1 in E minor Op. 39 as well as Finlandia Op. 26 No. 7


Artist Spotlight: Simon Trpčeski at Benaroya Hall

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SEATTLE - Benaroya Hall holds a special place in Simon Trpčeski's heart. 

Back in 2002 this was where the Macedonian pianist made his North American debut. Tuesday evening he played for both fans and friends as part of the Seattle Symphony's "Distinguished Artist" series. 

Mr. Trpčeski's performance began quietly and built throughout the evening to a dramatic crescendo. He started with introspective, later work from Brahms, playing Three Intermezzi, Op. 117. He followed that with Brahms' earlier, more romantic Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Handel, Op. 24.

After a brief intermission the evening continued with the the more precise work of Maurice Ravel, playing Valses Nobles et sentimentales. Next we heard an arrangement of Franz Schubert by Franz Liszt, Soirees de Vienne: No. 5 Moderato cantabile con affeto;  No. 6: Allegro con stepito. The program concluded on a powerful note with Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 by Franz Liszt.

Mr. Trpčeski played to four encores, the first three were dedications to some of his long time Seattle friends and supporters. For his final encore he bid the audience heartfelt good night with Brahms' Lullaby.

Earlier in the day Mr. Trpčeski let KOMO sit in on his rehearsal as he performed Valses Nobles et Sentimentales by Ravel and Variations and Fugue on a Theme from Handel by Brahms.


WATCH: Sad ending to great Seahawks season

WATCH: Sad ending to great Seahawks season »Play Video

 GLENDALE, Ariz. -- A great Seahawks season came to a heartbreaking end with a last minute interception by the Patriots. Here's the scene following the Seahawks 24-28 loss.

Surviving Super Bowl Media Day: a photographer's guide

Surviving Super Bowl Media Day: a photographer's guide »Play Video

PHOENIX, AZ -- For a news photographer, navigating the madness of Super Bowl Media Day can be overwhelming. Over 4,000 credentialed media are stuffed into a basketball court, and given one hour with each team to get all their shots and quotes. Whether your assignment is getting close to a particular player or just capturing the whole circus, media day is a wild event. 

I asked some of the local Seattle photographers how they get the right shot on such a crazy day.

Betting on the big game? Here's advice from a Vegas expert

Betting on the big game? Here's advice from a Vegas expert »Play Video

LAS VEGAS, Nev -- If you were thinking about betting on the Super Bowl next week, the pages and pages of different bets you can make can be a little intimidating. We met with Jason McCormick, Sports Book Director for Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas, who broke down the different bets and told us who he is picking to win to win big on Sunday.

WATCH: Las Vegas Seahawkers rally with the KOMO 4 Hawk Flock

WATCH: Las Vegas Seahawkers rally with the KOMO 4 Hawk Flock »Play Video

 LAS VEGAS, Nev -- After more than 1300 miles the KOMO 4 Hawk Flock rolled into Las Vegas. We knew 12's were meeting us at the Seahawks adopted bar in town, but were blown away by how many great fans showed up.

Behind enemy lines: 12s rally at Levi Stadium

Behind enemy lines: 12s rally at Levi Stadium »Play Video

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - We have met Seahawk fans at every stop of our KOMO road trip to the Super Bowl, but no fans are as brave and dedicated as those who live in the belly of the beast. Today we met the 12s of Santa Clara, California.

What started as a small Facebook group for fans has now grown into a larger Facebook group. Some drive 45 minutes on game day to watch the game with fellow 12s. Many are from Seattle and grew up fans of the Hawks. They said getting together offers a little taste of home.

We met up with the Silicon Valley Seahawk fans at the 49ers stadium and brought them Top Pot Doughnuts, Skittles, and had them sign our 12th man flag.

Patriots fan threatens to spike doughnut

Patriots fan threatens to spike doughnut »Play Video

 The KOMO 4 Hawk Flock met up with some great Seahawk fans in Vancouver, Wash. Thursday morning when a Patriots fan came along looking for trouble (or maybe it was disc golf.)

The #KOMO4HawkFlock rolls on...

Juggling life: Inside Cirque du Soleil's newest act

Juggling life: Inside Cirque du Soleil's newest act »Play Video

SEATTLE -  Usually the phrase ‘go join the circus’ is meant as a joke. But when Gabriel Beaudoin’s mom told him this as a kid – it’s exactly what he did.

Growing up in Quebec City, Beaudoin was just like any other youngster: he spent hours playing video games. He would sit on the floor with his legs folded in front of him, and was so flexable his mom called him "The Elastic Man."

"When I was young I was really troubled, as a kid with a lot of energy, always moving around you know?” said Beaudoin. "Always talking, always hyper. I have some hyperactivity problems."

He needed to find a focus for all that energy, so like his mom inadvertently suggested,  he went to circus school. He originally trained as a gymnast, but after an injury he discovered juggling and hasn't looked back.

"What I love the most about juggling, I'm a really hyperactive guy, and what juggling gives me is this calm,” said Beaudoin. "I can use my energy in a really specific way, and it teaches me how to focus really well. How to be in the present and in the right place."

Beaudoin has a simple message for other kids who are hyperactive like he was. 

“For all the kids at home who have problems with being all over the place all the time, if you want to find something to focus you, you can juggle, maybe you can do piano, but just find a passion,” he said. "That's what juggling is for me. That's the thing that gives me what I needed in my life to have the right path, and now I've got it and I'm passionate."

Cirque Du Soleil's new show is called KURIOS: Cabinet of Curiosities. It opens January 29th and runs until March 22nd at Marymoor Park.