Behind the scenes of the Yarnbombed House story

"It's Very Capitol Hill" was fun to do. It's become the topic of conversation for a lot of folks around the area. Reporter Lindsay Cohen had hoped to do the story but was not able, so she gave it to me.
With the fence to around it, the challenge was getting a variety of shots in tight quarters, and because I shot it late in the day, I had to get those shots and the artist's interview in the twenty minutes before it got too dark. I went on auto-pilot at that point and had to hope I had enough when I sat down to edit.
 To flesh out the story, I had to rely heavily on interviews with passersby who, luckily, had much to say about it all. I was able to use their fantastic sound to advance the story and rely on the artist to fill in the some of the gaps, like the inside information on Ada's Books.
 It was a treat to work on this.