How'd we shoot that? The Dummy Downhill

Mission Ridge Ski Resort ends each season with a "Dummy Downhill", sort of a demolition derby on a ski jump. We loaded up the news car with cameras and headed out to Wenatchee to capture the craziness. Click HERE for the full story that Matt Markovich and I put together. 
We brought 5 cameras to cover this event. Our two big cameras were at both at the top and bottom of the hill, we used those to get the majority of our video. The really fun stuff however came from the on-board shots we got with our three GoPro cameras. They are small enough to catch a ride on the dummies, and tough enough to take the abuse.
The real challenge was the steep and snowy hill, Each of the little cameras had to be run up the hill, attached to a dummy, then you had to get back down the hill in time to shoot the run with the big camera and retrieve the little camera from the carnage.
This story was a fun challenge both as a photographer and and editor. We don't normally get to use 2 cameras, let alone 5, and syncing all that action up was a lot of fun. Hope you like it!
Special thanks to Josh Markovich for his GoPro work.