A surprise homecoming at the car wash

When Army Major Darrell Rasor left for Afghanistan, his two year old Oliver for some reason thought that "Daddy was at the car wash". So when he returned home this Memorial Day, his wife Adrianna hatched a plan to surprise the couple's five boys.

Here was the plan:

Step 1. Dad flies home from Afghanistan and takes a shuttle to the Lacey car wash, where he hides in an office.

Step 2. Mom drives the five boys to the car wash.

Step 3. Car wash manager tells family that they are the winners of the "customer of the day award" and he will take their car for a complete wash and detail while they enjoy snacks.

Step 4. Secretly switch out manager with Dad behind the wheel.

Step 5. Wash car.

Step 6. Surprise kids!

HERE is the broadcast story that Liz Dinh and I put together.