Lost hikers recount overnight ordeal

Six friends and baby set out Sunday for a day-hike to Mailbox Peak, just east of North Bend. Nilo Burnardo decided to return to the car with his daughter and was expecting to see his friends a little later on.

Meanwhile near the top of the mountain, the remaining group of five took a wrong turn. They tried to work their way down the mountain, looking in vain for the trail.

One member of the group, Chuck Allen, had a cell phone signal but not much battery life and Nilo was able to call him and then call for help. The group was close enough to the trail head that they could hear the car honking its horn and were even able to use their key fob to unlock a car door, so Nilo could get a cell phone charger.

Rescuers were able to find the group Monday morning and get them all down safely.