Boy octopus meets girl octopus

The hardened Seattleite  may cringe when you bring up going to the downtown waterfront. There are too many tourists, there is nothing interesting to see or do. I would even be guilty of that some days, but not on Valentine’s Day. The Seattle Aquarium cleverly disguises a hot, passionate, and tentacle-filled interlude as an educational experience. At noon they arrange a blind date between two giant Pacific octopuses, in hopes they will fall madly in love and, well you know, do what octopuses do.

This is the second year in row I have been able to cover this event, and I am so glad that I did. The crowd this year was amazing, most were school kids on field trips. And what I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall at dinner tables across Seattle that night. I can only imagine how kids answered the question of, “what did you learn at school today?’

The hot couple this year was a lovely female named Squirt. And Rain, a rugged, but bashful hunk of tentacles. After some encouragement by the aquarium’s biologists, the octopuses found each other irresistible and showed all of us there how lovely an under-water romance can be. It is definitely one of the most unique events to cover living in Seattle, and it’s pretty amazing that we all have access to such a great aquarium. Hopefully love will find its way under water again next year!

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