Watch: New zip line course at Northwest Trek

Watch: New zip line course at Northwest Trek »Play Video

Eatonville's Northwest Trek is getting a little wilder. Alongside the tram tour and the wildlife exhibits, there's a new zip-line challenge course.

The course starts with a 30-foot-high climbing wall, followed by a series of six zip lines separated with challenging bridges and obstacles that reach heights of more than 50 feet. An extension of the course now under construction will bring brave folks over 80 feet above the ground.

Kris Sherman of Northwest Trek says the zip line fits into the park's mission of getting people outside. "This is a perfect fit, it will draw a demographic here that perhaps we haven't got to Northwest Trek before"

Oh and don't worry about zip-lining into a pack of wolves, (that my first question) the zip line course is situated away from any of the animal exhibits.

The course costs $39.95 in addition to admission to the park.


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