Help reunite Oso slide victim with photos left on rescue helicopter

Help reunite Oso slide victim with photos left on rescue helicopter »Play Video

Naval Air Station Whidbey Island’s search and rescue team rescued 7 people from the Oso mudslide Saturday afternoon. A man whom they pulled out of the mud brought a box of photos and negatives with him, but in the chaos he forgot them on the helicopter. The box is in good shape, they have not opened the box.

The Navy would very much like to return the box of photos to their rightful owner.

If you know who these photos belong to, please contact our news desk at 206-404-4145, or at

You can also contact me at

Thanks for your help


Oso slide family dog rescued - Full video

Oso slide family dog rescued - Full video »Play Video

The Kuntz family was one of many who lost so much in Saturday's slide. A family member was killed, two family homes were destroyed, and they thought the pets were gone too.

When they returned on Sunday afternoon, they were astounded to find that their chocolate lab Buddy alive under what remained of their house. Neighbors worked together and used a chainsaw to help free him. Buddy has a few cuts and bruises, but will be just fine.

Here is the story that Elisa Jaffe and I put together today, but I thought you might like to see the full video. Nice to see a little bit of hope amongst so much sadness.


WATCH: Where highway 530 ends and the mud begins

WATCH: Where highway 530 ends and the mud begins »Play Video

With catastrophic events like the Oso landslide, often one still and one video photographer are picked as the “pool” to collect image for everyone else. Today Lindsey Wasson from the Seattle Times and I were picked. We rode up past the checkpoints with Snohomish County Sheriff Ty Trenary until we came to the point where highway 530 ended and the mud began. 

When we got out to take our pictures, I was struck with how quiet it was. Besides the occasional roar of a search helicopter, the songbirds were the only thing we heard. It was a heavy silence.
It looked as if the entire neighborhood had been put into a blender, everything chopped up into shards. Sheriff Trenary pointed out parts of what was someone’s kitchen, but spread out flat in front of us, and like everything else, it was covered in mud.
From our vantage point we only were able to see a small portion of the Oso slide, but just what we saw was overwhelming. We were only there for 15 minutes or so, the cleanup will stretch well into the summer. The recovery and healing for the victims and their families will take much, much longer.

Visually impared kids get up close with the horses of Cavalia

Visually impared kids get up close with the horses of Cavalia »Play Video
 8 year old Max Kretzschmar is a playful boy that enjoys riding his scooter and doing what kids his age like to do.  A brain tumor near his eyes however has damaged his optic nerves leaving him with no sight in his left eye and poor vision in the right.
Sarah Smale is a cute, sweet and quiet 11 year old that loves horses and would love to have one of her own. Unfortunately for Sarah her eyes never had a chance to develop before she was born, leaving her with no sight in her left eye and glaucoma in her right.
Max and Sarah were two of a handful of blind and visually impaired kids to visit and experience the touch and feel of a lifetime. Thanks to the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library, the children visited the cast, crew members and the four legged stars of the show of Odysseo by Cavalia. The acrobatic thrill rides and colorful movements of talented riders and horses run until the end of March on the grounds of Marymoor Park in Redmond.
For these kids the chance to be up close and personal with the horses, saddle equipment along with hand feeding the beautiful horses is an experience that outweighs sitting in the audience and just listening to the show.  Max is quick to comment on how big a horse’s head is, how their coat is as soft as a blanket and how a horse’s belly is as big as his bed.  Sarah’s hands sweep in unison softly and gently across the neck of a horse, quietly speaking of how soft and beautiful it is. It seems she and the horse is a team communicating through touch and feel.
Claudime Lemieux is a member of the Odysseo cast helping the children.  She has them touch the cool texture of grain and feed the horses carrots and apples by hand. She says the horses are really sensitive about their skin and respond well with the touch and feel of the children’s hands.
This is a story that proves with the loss of one sense the others are enhanced, making for a memorable day for all involved. 


Weekend hike assignment: Snoqualmie Falls

Weekend hike assignment: Snoqualmie Falls »Play Video

SNOQUALMIE, Wash. - Now that the sun is back out and spring is right around the corner, it's time to get off the couch and get outdoors.

Snoqualmie Falls underwent a major renovation late last year. The covered gazebo is gone, replaced with three minimalist viewing platforms. The trail has also been revamped, it's a little longer than a mile now with a steep climb back up.

The new lower viewing area has the most dramatic face lift of the bunch. There is a parking lot and bathrooms for folks who can't make the hike. The original boardwalk to the base of the falls ended with a scramble down wet boulders. Those days are over. The new boardwalk is safer, but you can't get as close as you once could. 

If you've never been, go! If you've not been in a while, the renovations make it well worth the drive.

Snoqualmie Falls is located about a half hour east of Seattle on I-90.

6501 Railroad Ave
Snoqualmie, WA 98065
47.543027, -121.836622

The lower viewing area is just around the corner.

37474 SE Fish Hatchery Rd
Fall City, WA 98024
47.546170, -121.840892

Have a great weekend!

WATCH: Emotional reunion for a stolen dog

WATCH: Emotional reunion for a stolen dog »Play Video

When Tripp the pit bull escaped his back yard last July, Kim Eastman got in her car to try and find him. She had no idea how long the search would take, and how far it would take them. Both Kim and her daughter Angel call Tripp an "escape artist" who was picked up by strangers and eventually taken to Butte, Montana.

For the past seven months Kim and Angel have posted his picture on Facebook and with lost pet organizations. They followed up on lots of tips and  false leads, but earlier this month they got the call they were waiting for; Tripp was coming home.

After a 600 mile long cab ride from Dog Gone Taxi, they were finally a family again.

Lombardi finally comes home to Century Link

Lombardi finally comes home to Century Link »Play Video

 After an amazing season, a dominating win in New Jersey, and the biggest parade this town has ever seen, the Seattle Seahawks brought the Lombardi Trophy to it's new home at Century Link Field. Here are just some of the highlights the ceremony today.

Watch: Shameful Broncos fan photobombs the 12th man in NYC

Watch: Shameful Broncos fan photobombs the 12th man in NYC »Play Video

A spontaneous celebration of the 12th Man by the 12th Man on Super Bowl Boulevard was shamefully interrupted by a shameless Broncos fan. Will this disgraceful display be the bulletin board material the Seahawks need to push them over the top on Sunday? We will see...


12th man flag travels from the Space Needle to Yankee Stadium

12th man flag travels from the Space Needle to Yankee Stadium »Play Video

The 12th man flag that's flown atop the Space Needle since 2005 has made its way to New York City. It traveled through Manhattan and made a stop at Yankee Stadium before it will eventually be given to the Seahawks. Sean Marshall is the PR manager for the Space Needle and the caretaker of the flag. He says they've gotten signatures from as many folks as they can, helping to spread the spirit of the 12th man throughout the Big Apple.

From near and far, the 12th man showed their support at Media Day

From near and far, the 12th man showed their support at Media Day »Play Video

At today's Super Bowl Media Day there were plenty of 12s showing their support for the Hawks. While many had made the trip from the northwest, we found quite a few local Seahawk fans who were excited to have their favorite team come to their hometown.

Preview of "Super Bowl Boulevard"

Preview of "Super Bowl Boulevard" »Play Video

Jon Humbert and I took a walk through Times Square tonight as preparations are made to transform Broadway into "Super Bowl Boulevard". We'll have much more everyday this week. Stay tuned!

WATCH: Are Seahawks fans excited? You bet!

WATCH: Are Seahawks fans excited? You bet! »Play Video

It took only a few moments after last night's game ended for the fans to pour out of Century Link field. The excitement was at serious Super Bowl levels. Here is just some of the insanity we saw, complete with a face painted Mark Miller. Enjoy!