Des Moines

Chinese student charged in fatal crash gets new court date

KENT, Wash. (AP) - A King County prosecutor's spokesman says a new court date has been set for the Chinese student charged with vehicular manslaughter.

Wednesday was the first day Yichun Xu was due back in front of authorities since his family posted a $2 million bail in early March. At the time, prosecutors worried Xu presented a flight risk due to previous instances of Chinese nationals leaving the country, even without a passport.

But King County prosecutor's spokesman Dan Donohoe says Xu was at a meeting with prosecutors. He's scheduled back in court on May 8.

Prosecutors say Xu drove his newly purchased Mercedes-Benz at freeway speeds through residential Des Moines, running through a stop sign and crashing into the car carrying Brenda Gomez-Zapata and family members.

Meanwhile, the dead woman's family is negotiating with Xu's family on a settlement.