Downtown Seattle

Is popular Pike Place pub being haunted by ghost-lovers?

SEATTLE -- A pub in a 110-year-old building is dealing with mysterious footsteps and suspiciously broken windows, and it's not ghosts but ghost-lovers who are the prime suspects.

The manager of Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub in the 1900 block of Post Alley called 911 Nov. 29 to report a burglary to the upstairs portion of the building, according to the Seattle Police Department's report for the incident.

According to the report, an employee texted the manager around 2:30 a.m. and said they heard people running around upstairs in an area that is off limits for liability reasons.

When the employee went to check on the upstairs area, they found one of the windows had been shattered inward from the fire escape and there was a small sticker for a ghost tour near the broken glass.

The manager told officers the building is of interest to ghost tours, and they have been having issues with patrons in the building next door gaining access to their rooftop via the fire escape.

The officer advised the manager to look into installing window bars, which while ineffective against ghosts should more than do the trick against ghost-loving intruders.