Communities Woman claims man she thought was gay tried to date rape her
On Jan. 2, a woman told the Seattle Police Department a man she had known for three weeks and believed to be gay drugged her drink at a Fremont bar in an attempt to date rape her. But, the suspect is reportedly claiming to have been in a relationship with the victim the whole time and has filed a restraining order against her.
Communities Brooks Sports' new HQ holds some 'green' surprises Brooks Sports' new HQ holds some 'green' surprises (Photo Gallery)
It's hard to miss the five-story building going up between Wallingford and Fremont on the corner of Stone Way and 34th Street. The site will soon be the new home of Seattle-based running company Brooks Sports, but the developer says there's a lot more to this office/retail project than meets the eye. Developer Skanska recently offered us a sneak peek of the progress being made at Stone34.