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Fisher serves 100 millionth scone

Fisher serves 100 millionth scone

Renee Daley had no idea what was about to befall her when she strolled through the gates of the Puyallup Fair Thursday afternoon.

The mom from Columbus, Ga. was back in town visiting her husband Dale's relatives and decided to kick off the family's day at the Puyallup Fair with some fresh scones.

On her way to the booth, Renee overheard a bit of a conversation that tipped her off that Fisher Scones was about to sell its 100 millionth scone.

"Well that won't be us, let's just buy our scones and go," Renee thought. Not so.

No sooner had she received her scone than a bagpiper materialized to parade her around the booth, while family and a nearly two-year-old daughter looked on.

Renee, looking amused but bewildered, was presented with a bunch of red balloons and a basket containing all manner of Fisher goodies and a voucher for a trip to the Salish Lodge.

"I was very surprised," Renee said.

Her husband, who is originally from Spanaway, confirmed the sentiment. "It was funny to watch her face turn beet red," he said.

Fisher Scones have been a Puyallup Fair staple for nearly 100 years. A contest running on Fisher's Facebook page had people guessing exactly when the 100 millionth scone would be served.