Gig Harbor

Photos: cars, cars, and more cars!

Photos: cars, cars, and more cars!

LeMay - America's Car Museum is set to open Saturday. Are you ready for this, South Sound?

Members of the media were invited to a preview event earlier this week, where we took these photos.

Want to see these shiny beauties in person? Tickets are available online for opening day admission - purchase yours early to avoid the lines!

Earlier this spring, the public relations firm representing the LeMay museum sent the following list of LeMay "by the numbers."

  • 35,000,000: Pounds of concrete used to make the building.
  • 14,200: Total man hours to build ACM.
  • 2,000,000: Approximate poundage of steel reinforcing used during construction.
  • 150: Workers per-day (at peak) on the Museum construction site.
  • 79,000: Total square footage of ACM's walls and roof.
  • 2,980: Sheets of 1 1/8th-inch plywood used to build the roof.
  • 1,923,406: Pounds of rebar utilized for the Museum.
  • 24.4: Miles of steel studs used. (Laid end-to-end, they would almost stretch from Tacoma to Seattle.)
  • 175: Average amount of vehicles that will be displayed each day at ACM.
  • 300: Amount of cars that will fit on ACM's 3.5-acre grass show field.
  • 391,590 sq-ft. (9 acres): Dimensions of the entire ACM campus.
  • 200: Volunteers required to support the new Museum's operations.
  • $50: Annual cost of ACM membership.
  • 6-2-12: ACM Grand Opening.