Disposal fees to increase for King County Solid Waste residents

Starting January 1 residents who pay for curbside collection with King County Solid Waste will see their monthly bills increase.

Solid Waste officials say changes in disposal fees will help cover the cost of upgrades being made to its 1960s-era solid waste handling system.

For an average residential customer who puts out one can of garbage per week, officials say bills will go up by about 57 cents per month.

Fees will also go up for those who bring solid waste to a county transfer station.

Below is a cost breakdown from King County:

The basic fee for bringing solid waste to a transfer station or drop box will increase from $117.42 to $129.40 per ton, including tax and a moderate risk waste fee. The minimum fee will increase from $20 to $22, including tax and the moderate risk waste fee. The new fees will be in effect through 2014.

Fees for separated yard waste and clean wood waste will be lowered from $82.50 per ton to $75 per ton, with a minimum fee of $12 per load. Separated yard waste and clean wood waste is accepted at Shoreline, Bow Lake and Enumclaw transfer stations, and at the Cedar Falls drop box.

The rate increase affects all residents of King County who pay for curbside collection service and those who use a county transfer station and live outside Seattle city limits.