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Eastside mayors discuss vision for their communities

Eastside mayors discuss vision for their communities
Bellevue Mayor Conrad Lee

At the Bellevue Downtown Association (BDA) luncheon today at the Harbor Club in Bellevue five Eastside mayors shared their vision of what their communities would be like in 20 years. Mayors Conrad Lee (Bellevue), Ava Frisinger (Issaquah), Joan McBride (Kirkland), Bruce Bassett (Mercer Island) and John Marchione (Redmond) also commented on how their cities are working cooperatively as part of the greater Eastside.

Serving as moderator of the 3rd Annual Mayor's Forum, Leadership Eastside Director James Whitfield posed a number of questions to the panel. The first question asked each mayor to give a short discussion of how they envision their city in 20 years.

Bellevue Mayor Lee answered, "I see continuing prosperity, diversity, vitality. Because of the city's vision of the past, we have engaged citizens and government staff."

"We will continue to emphasize people, places and prosperity," said Issaquah Mayor Frisinger. "We also look for sustainability, job growth and making the natural environment a priority."

Redmond Mayor McBride, "I envision a continuing beautiful place to live with parks and a new indoor recreation center and a developed Cross Kirkland Corridor. I see Totem Lake redeveloped and a safe community."

"I foresee a similar focus," observed Mercer Island's Beckett. "We will see a mature town center with light rail and a good community with fine schools, parks and safety."

Mayor Marchione of Redmond underscored the importance of light rail and developing transportation between the Overlake area and Downtown Redmond. "It will be a vibrant area stretching the entire distance. It will be a city for all generations."