PUP founder thanks pet 'parents' for successful reunion

PUP founder thanks pet 'parents' for successful reunion

Several weeks ago the PUP (People United for Pets) hosted a reunion and adoption event at the Kirkland Petco (more...). Owners and canines from all over the Eastside attended. Here is a "thank you" to everyone who attended and supports PUP from Founder/Director Laura Tonkin:

Thank you to everyone who came to our reunion. There are no words to express the warmth throughout the room or in our hearts.

Our adopters smiling and the PUP dogs happy and healthy! It was great to hear how the dogs have touched your lives and how you have blessed them. Thank you for giving them the forever home we pray for and they deserve. We are so blessed to have found you.

Daily, we are faced with dogs that have been abandoned at shelters, abused, or left somewhere to fend for themselves. We are inundated with pleas from owners and shelters to help.

Without our adopters and our supporters, we could not do what we are committed to do... to continue to find loving homes for those that don't have them.