"Umbrellephant" raises $3,340 for Shorewood's Schools for Kenya

"Umbrellephant" raises $3,340 for Shorewood's Schools for Kenya
A job well done, it was time to go home and start the weekend.

The Umbrellephant came out at Shoreline Stadium, and was a big success for a Shorewood High School club.

Over 700 people turned out for the attempt at a world record for the largest umbrella mosaic ever created. They went out on the stadium turf, and when the signal was given just after 5 p.m., about 30 minutes behind schedule, the umbrellas went up.

There were umbrellas of all sizes, and participants of all sizes, too. Many were Shorewood students, but many members of the community came out to take part, as well.

The attempt at a world record also was a fundraiser for Shorewood's "Schools for Kenya" club. The club has been raising money to help build a school in Kenya through Free the Children. They feel it is a way they can pay it forward, as Shorewood is getting new buildings of its own.

In the end, they raised $3,340 for the club. That pushed their overall total for their project to over $9,300, well over their goal of $8,500.

While they didn't get their goal of over 2,000 taking part, the event was still a great success.

But, was it a world record? The people at the Guinness Book of World Records will tell Shorewood in a few weeks whether the record was set.