Serpentine marches again through Snohomish

Serpentine marches again through Snohomish
An hour after the parade, Fifth Street is quiet again.

It's one of Snohomish's great fall traditions, and it took place once again on Friday morning.

Snohomish's Homecoming parade, the Serpentine, marched its way through the city in a sea of red. Students started gathering on Fifth Street around 10 a.m., and at 10:25 Serpentine was underway. Its route had the parade heading east on Fifth to Union, then south to Third, west to Avenue A, south to First, through downtown to Avenue E, then back up to the school.

At the front of the parade was a series of pickups, led by the one carrying Homecoming Queen Hailey Henderson and followed by the rest of the court, each in their own pickup. Then came the Panther, a fire engine with some of the football players, the cheerleaders, the marching band and the rest of the student body.

It's a tradition that has lasted for decades, and everyone lined up along the parade route, many dressed in their Panther best, cheered on the SHS students as they marched on by. A few bewildered tourists also stopped to watch downtown, wondering what exactly was happening.

Many will be at Veterans Memorial Stadium tonight, as Snohomish hosts its Homecoming game against their Highway 2 rivals, Monroe. The game starts at 7 p.m.