South Seattle

Victim loses $22K in cash in armed robbery

SEATTLE -- A woman carrying $22,000 in cash had it stolen by an armed robber last Wednesday while she sat in her parked car near the Rainier Playfield, according to the Seattle Police Department.

Officers arrived to find the victim parked near South Oregon Street and 38th Street shortly before 5 p.m. According to the police report for the incident, the victim appeared to be upset and was crying.

The victim told officers she had spent some time with a friend at the nearby playground. When the friend left, she went back to her car and rolled down the windows.

As she was sitting in her car, she saw a man walking by. She told officers she assumed the man would just keeping walking, but he came up to her open passenger window instead.

According to the report, the man pulled up his sweatshirt to show a gun, which he took out and pointed at the victim, saying, "Give me all you got."

The man then reached into the car, grabbed the victim's purse and ran off, according to the report.

The victim told officers she had $22,000 in cash and a cash card with another $7,000 on it in her purse.

Officers repeatedly asked the victim why she had so much cash on her, and she would only respond that she was going to deposit it, according to the report.

The victim reportedly had no answer for how she had obtained such a large amount of cash or why she didn't deposit it before meeting with her friend. She also wouldn't say whether or not she was meeting someone in the area to buy a car or other large item or if she had met someone online who was possibly trying to scam her.