Local salon owners hoping new shop will revitalize downtown block

Local salon owners hoping new shop will revitalize downtown block

There's a new salon in town, and just a week after opening is already generating buzz for one forgotten strip of S. 11th Street downtown.

la tresse - a boutique salon opened last Monday at S. 11th St. and S. Fawcett Ave, and has been turning heads all week long. Neighbors and passers-by poked heads in throughout a grand opening celebration Friday evening to express their surprise and pleasure to see the salon open.

Owner Dan Culley is a contractor working on renovating a building of five storefronts lining S. 11th St., beginning with the space that now hosts la tresse. Culley's daughter Mia is a stylist in the salon, along with friends Missy Yamamoto and Karla Davis. Kylee Hankel is the salon's esthetician, with massages by Abrah Zigler.

Mia says opening a salon has been a dream of hers since beauty school, and partnering with her contactor father was the perfect fit for the downtown building.

Already the renovations are are garnering interest from potential tenants. A lawyer signed a lease for one of the spaces last week, and faint but enticing rumors of a bakery swirled though the open house celebration Friday.

"Us being here is going to bring some more business to the building," said Mia. "It was pretty different before we came here."