Husky Stadium neighbors cash in on parking shortage

SEATTLE - As the Huskies faced Idaho State at home on Saturday, fans faced their own challenge around Husky Stadium - finding a place to park.

And now some neighbors are cashing in on the parking predicament.

Some fans say finding a parking spot around Husky Stadium is a perpetual problem.

UW football fan Mike Callies says it is "frustrating" to park around the stadium. "It always has been," he says.

But just a few blocks away he scores - Montlake residents are offering places to park on their property.

"I'm just sitting here holding up the sign," says Carson.

They're cashing in on a growing neighborhood business.

"We think we have an opportunity for people here … by just happening to be one block from the stadium," says Victoria.

As cute Carson hails Huskies fans into his driveway, Mom Victoria is already counting her victory.

"Twenty bucks a car - six cars - 120 bucks a game - five games for the season. That would be a boom," she says.

That boom has become a business.

A UW fraternity house just down the street is offering parking spots for $30 a pop.

"Some days you can pull in like $400 - and some days you can pull in $1,300, $1,400," says Nick Rosenfeld.

But this is for sure - there's no foul in this end zone.

"The goal I've set for this year is - we want to break $10,000," Rosenfeld says.

So fans - if you can't find perfect parking spot - just look down those driveways a few blocks away.

KOMO found that some residents are even using a website called parkatmyhouse.com to get the word about available parking on their property.