Go Eat!

Entertainment Go Eat! The Butcher and the Vegetarian Go Eat! The Butcher and the Vegetarian(Audio)
It's a local woman's romp through a world of men, meat and moral crises. Tara Austen Weaver's new book is about her attempt as a complete outsider to try to navigate through the world of meat.
Entertainment Go Eat! Cantinetta Go Eat! Cantinetta(Audio)
It's a charming Tuscan-inspired eatery that opened in Wallingford this past January and features 100-percent handmade pastas.
Entertainment Go Eat! When dinner is the show Go Eat! When dinner is the show(Audio)
He's described as a notoriously anti-social, part-genius, and part-sociopath culinary pioneer. He is... Chef Nordo, the man behind a roving restaurant currently setting up shop in Fremont.
Entertainment Go Eat! A return to Cascina Spinasse Go Eat! A return to Cascina Spinasse(Audio)
What happens when a celebrated chef leaves the restaurant he opened? Just ask Jason Stratton. He over as executive chef at Cascina Spinasse three months ago when Seattle's premier pasta maker, Justin Niedermeyer, left.
Entertainment Go Eat! Fresh Bistro Go Eat! Fresh Bistro(Audio)
"Bistro food is usually really rich and decadent; we're trying to freshen it up here, no pun intended," says executive chef Dalis Chea, who heads-up the open kitchen at Fresh Bistro.