Go Eat! A bonding experience with dinner

Go Eat! A bonding experience with dinner »Play Video
It's the perfect time of year for a little getaway to Whidbey Island. And heck, why not have dinner while you're there?

The Inn at Langley is just a short ferry ride from Seattle:

"I don't really ever think about this being that far away. The city's completely behind you and it's only 15 minutes away. But you're in a place that feels slowed down," says Chef Matt Costello who has been serving up award-winning dinners to an intimate set of privileged palates for more than four years.

"At the beginning of the meal, I'll come out and I'll sort of talk about the area and then I also sort of talk through the menu itself and where everything came from and how it associates to the local growers. From there, I go back and cook and we kind of begin service. Everybody eats together."

It's something he says creates a bonding experience.

"For me, in this day and age, to sit in a room full of a bunch of people that you don't really know and have a meal is really, I think, very special."

Matt, who manned the stoves for Tom Douglas for nearly a decade, is literally a one-man-show performing in an open kitchen Friday through Sunday.

"So, you see into where I'm cooking -- all of the pots hang above me and then the stove -- and I kind of cook in front of everybody. It's a very small place. There's only six burners and I'm the only cook and it's very personal."

He creates a seven-course dinner from ingredients indigenous to the island (Penn Cove is just a few miles away).

"Last night I poached halibut in butter and then we did a few of these little wild asparagus spears, put that on a bed of mussels that had been steamed open and then made a little broth from that."

The restaurant's decor is also part of Whidbey's terroir.

"Not only is the food part of that, but this table that we're sitting at was made by a local artisan, the chandelier, all of the art on the walls is all local; we really try to sort of immerse you in what this place has to offer because there's a lot."

Matt, who's in the process of building a home on Whidbey, says he's fallen under the spell of island life.

"There's a lot that happens here on Whidbey Island just underneath that sort of small -town-ice-cream-shop Langley that we have, so that's what I like about it."

Places Chef Matt likes to Go Eat!: Lampreia, Dahlia Lounge.

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