Go Eat! A new take on a favorite treat

Go Eat! A new take on a favorite treat
When was the last time you had homemade ice cream? You know, the kind you remember as a kid?

"Everybody remembers a good cone in their past, I think," says Molly Moon Neitzel, who opened her namesake Wallingford ice cream boutique in May.

It's one of the only independently-owned (and woman owned) ice cream shops in the city.

"We also use local and organic ingredients as our primary ingredients for everything -- the toppings and the ice creams. That's a really big priority for us.

"I learned to make ice cream in college, it was my college job, making ice cream at a shop called The Big Dipper in Missoula, Montana where I went to school."

The 29 year old is doing her part to broaden the palates of Seattleites by offering unusual flavors, like balsamic strawberry.

"When I was a kid, my grandpa would take me for ice cream, like, every day in the summer and get a cone of strawberry. And then my mom, when I was in high school and college, would always make this salad that had strawberries and balsamic vinegar and it was so delicious.

"And I wanted to do a new take on strawberry ice cream that could be somewhat of a signature flavor for the shop. So, I made this balsamic reduction and put a swirl of it through strawberry ice cream and it was a hit!"

Of course, there's also regular strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. But her best sellers are the more adventurous flavors.

"Salted caramel, which makes a delicious savory and sweet combination; We have a cardamom ice cream which is something I made a lot in Montana and sold really well there; Scout mint, I was a Girl Scout forever and love thin mints and so our peppermint ice cream with thin mint cookies in it is one of our biggest sellers."

When I popped in last week, other flavors on the chalkboard included Vivace coffee, maple walnut, bubble gum, honey lavender and Thai iced tea.

Lucky for us, Molly has plans to expand.

"And I in the process of looking to open a Capital Hill shop next year."

Places Molly likes to Go Eat!: Volunteer Park Cafe, Quinn's.

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