Go Eat! Taking food on a stick to a whole new level

Go Eat! Taking food on a stick to a whole new level

SEATTLE -- Kushibar is a new Bellltown restaurant specializing in skewered food.

The name comes from the word "Kushi," which in Japan means 'to skewer.'"

Executive chef Billy Beach came to Seattle from Japan in 1992, quickly leaving his mark on the local food scene as the chef at I Love Sushi, Wasabi Bistro and Umi Sake House.

"Through the years I kind of learned the Westernized Japanese cuisine and prior to that I was already cooking in Japan," he says. "So, when I mixed those two together, I think what I created at Wasabi Bistro was a newer version of Westernized Japanese food."

Kushibar is a sleek modern restaurant with a curbside, heated rear-round patio that takes "food on a stick" to a whole new level.

"Anything that you could possibly think of that's familiar to people, you'll see it on a stick: lobster, prawns, crab," Billy says.

And Billy and his crew promise to use the whole animal.

"Everything that you see on a chicken, you're going to have. From the outside skin to the liver; we're going to use the bone for stock."

Including chicken feet which, ironically, don't taste like chicken.

"It's more like pork skin, very thin pork skin, like rubbery yet gooey."

There's also a large selection of ramen noodles and other Japanese street food.

"We got homemade dumplings, we got this thing called Tako Yaki which is like a dumpling ball with octopus and squid, shrimp."

Billy thinks Kushibar will be a hit, because ultimately, he and his staff care about you.

"First, I want you to leave the restaurant and feel good about what you had and the hard earned money that you spent. When you come back, I want to get to know you; we want to create something that Belltown is missing, I think."

Places Chef Billy likes to Go Eat!: I Love Sushi, Nishino, Ocean City, Sea Garden, Canton House.

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