Go Eat! A winter Picnic you'll enjoy

Go Eat! A winter Picnic you'll enjoy
Picnic: It's a word not usually associated with Seattle this time of year. But thanks to Jenny and Anson Klock, it's now on the lips of many local gastronomes.

"We have a deli case full of fresh items that we prepare every day, like sandwiches and soups, but we also offer dinners to-go that people can grab on their way home from work and just reheat very easily," says Anson.

The couple opened the food and wine boutique on Phinney Ridge in September with the concept of restaurant-caliber food available for take-out or dining-in.

"Selfishly, we've lived in this neighborhood and thought, 'Gosh! We really need a place like this!' and so, I think we were really motivated to be the people to do it," says Jenny, a culinary school grad with a background in interior design.

Anson was formerly a cook at Crush restaurant.

"I learned a lot from those guys. I learned how to make a lot of the items we prepare here, actually: fresh pastas, different preparations of charcutterie and pate and stuff like that."

The menu consists of things like braised short-ribs, spicy chickpea salad and homemade lasagna.

"We have noodles that we make by hand, we have ricotta cheese that we make fresh, we have tomato ragu that we make fresh," Anson says. "And we put it all together and make something that's greater and the sum of its parts and people are just raving about it."

The dining area is cozy - just 20 seats - which become less available as the weather gets colder.

"Jenny always jokes that by Spring you're so sick of squash, you know, but we've been trying to be creative. We're making soups with mixtures of acorn and butternut squash and we're roasting squash and carrots and Brussels sprouts and sturdy Tuscan kale."

Adds Jenny, "I think at the end of the day we look at each other and we're really, really proud of what we've done here and we're psyched to keep building on it. And, yeah, make it something that Seattle is proud of."