Go Eat! From Wenatchee's 'good earth'

Go Eat! From Wenatchee's 'good earth'
It's a classic storyline: family man abandons city life for small-town living.

But it's exactly how chef Richard Kitos ended up in Wenatchee, leaving a thriving catering company in Los Angeles to pursue a slower pace.

"One of the prime reasons to leave Los Angeles was I had a 15 mile commute which took me an hour-and-a-half each way, so that's three hours a day," says Richard, who last December opened La Bonne Terre (translation: "from the good earth") at Chateau Faire Le Pont Winery with his wife.

Ironically, they designed the restaurant to have that "big city" feel.

"It's really a nice room to sit and talk and linger. So, that's what we're looking for -- people who just want to come in and have a good meal and, you know, hang out and enjoy the space."

The restaurant also has a window that peeks into the bottling facility.

"It's really an interesting operation and they do really, really good wine."

His menu is a nod to the local bounty.

"We're just really working to make sure that everything we get is local so we're not burning fossil fuels to get everything delivered to our table," Richard says.

And since Wenatchee is the apple capital of the world (the Chateau, in fact, used to be an apple storage warehouse)...

"We shave apples on top of each salad which gives it a nice tribute to the apple which has been the mainstay of this valley for years and years."

But the cooking doesn't stop at the restaurant. Richard and his wife run the nearby Ivy Wild bed-and-breakfast.

"There are so many people that have different things they love about the house and so it's fun to get their perspective on it and (to learn) why they come. You know, it's a family thing."

And Richard is working in Wenatchee at a time when the culinary landscape is rapidly changing.

"Wenatchee has done some really cool things. They've got the new arena downtown and they're looking at building a market and some shops down (along the river). It's a beautiful town and I think people are coming here because of that."

Places Richard likes to Go Eat!: Smokeblossom, McGlinn's.

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