Go Eat! Trend-setting chef still finding fun on Eastside

Go Eat! Trend-setting chef still finding fun on Eastside
It may not look like much from the outside, but Pomegranate Bistro, housed in a commercial warehouse on Redmond Way, has a lot going on inside.

"Once we kind of tell people where we are they're like, 'Oh! That's where you are! The little red awning across from Whole Foods,'" says Lisa Dupar, who opened Pomegranate four years ago.

The menu reflect her southern heritage as well as the years she spent cooking in Europe.

"You can find shrimp and grits for Sunday brunch or chicken and waffles which is pretty southern or a classic French bouillabaisse. So, it's kind of all over the map."

The eclectic menu is also affordable.

"If you are on a budget you can find something on the menu for eight bucks that's going to fill you up. So, we really want to make it approachable and fun. We just want things available to people."

There's even a "stimulus" cocktail that comes with a dollar bill.

"We have a gal from Hawaii that folds origami out of our dollar bills," Dupar says.

The casual setting of the restaurant is punctuated by a large window where diners can look into the 14,000-square-foot catering kitchen.

"Sometimes we'll see little kids standing up on (the) chairs with their faces pressed to the window; little noses pressed to the glass looking into the kitchen. It's kind of a show."

Lisa has recently been named one of 'Modern Bride' magazine's top 25 bridal industry trendsetters for her unique and cutting-edge catering style. She'll be picking up her award in New York next week, joining the likes of premier party planner Colin Cowie, Essie nail polish founder Essie Weingarten, and Ivanka Trump.

Places Lisa likes to Go Eat!: Nishino, Saigon City, Rover's, Brasa.

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