Go Eat! Southern charm with a modern touch

Go Eat! Southern charm with a modern touch
If it weren't for a small sandwich board outside of the Oddfellows building on Capitol Hill, you might completely miss the great restaurant hiding upstairs.

"It's about service. It's about ambience. It's about all things. It's not just about a place to come and eat, it has to have everything and I think we did a really good job of having that all come together here," says Bo Maisano, the chef at The Tin Table, which opened about three months ago across from Century Ballroom.

"It's very sexy; it's got a southern feel to it; it's just natural bricks and hardwood floors."

That old-fashioned Southern charm is punctuated by modern touches, like several tin-plated fire doors that were found when office space was demolished to make room for the restaurant.

One of the doors was transformed into the bar, another is hanging in the entryway and a third is being used as a communal table (yes, The Tin Table).

The menu can best be described as a collection of Bo's favorite foods growing up in New Orleans with an Italian family; a menu where grilled octopus and gnocchi mingle with fish tacos and BBQ shrimp.

"I believe in big food -- small plates, big flavors. How am I going to wake up more than two or three parts of your mouth? How am I going to make you think, 'Wow! That was a good bite!'"

And nothing on the menu is more than $15.

"I don't want to lose the people I have just because I have to make a buck, it's not about the -- well, we have to pay our bills, but I still want to keep the people in here for that reason."

Bo's convinced he has the best job in the world.

"I have a kick doing what I'm doing and I get a lot of joy seeing people eat good food and enjoying themselves. That's why we're here."

Places Bo likes to Go Eat!: La Medusa, Saigon Bistro, Tamarind Tree.

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