Go Eat! Trophy Cupcakes gets another home

Go Eat! Trophy Cupcakes gets another home
SEATTLE -- There's just something about a fresh baked cupcake that's hard to resist.

Just ask Jennifer Shea, owner of Trophy Cupcakes.

"I want our customers to feel like they just had the best piece of cake that they've ever had," she says.

Jennifer opened her second Trophy Cupcake shop in University Village on Thursday - a sibling to her flagship store in Wallingford Center.

"Every day we offer Red Velvet with a classic cream cheese frosting. We have Chocolate Vanilla which is our Valrhona chocolate cake with Madagascar bourbon vanilla buttercream, Vanilla Vanilla, Vanilla Chocolate and our Triple Chocolate. So, every day of the week you can get those five which are our most popular flavors."

There's also a rotating list of specialty flavors.

"Like, on Saturday we have Triple Coconut, Carrot Walnut, Lemon and Cafe Au Lait. Fridays, I think, it's Chocolate Chip Mint and Hummingbird, which is the banana pineapple coconut cake that's a southern recipe that's really delicious."

Both the U-Village and Wallingford shops will also offer a farmers market special.

"And that is a farmers market strawberry cheesecake that's really, really delicious."

Jennifer credits quality ingredients for her popular cakes.

"I did a lot of recipe testing for years and years making cupcakes for all my friends' parties. I just sort of fine-tuned what to use for each component, like the vanilla and the cocoas and the chocolates that gave the best result every time."

She's also a stickler for quality control. "With the amount (of cupcakes) that we're doing now, it's really hard to be perfect with every single one, but I think if that's our standard, then 99 percent of the time our cupcakes are going to be amazing."

Places Jennifer likes to Go Eat!: Cafe Presse, Spring Hill.

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