Go Eat! A slice of France

Go Eat! A slice of France
SEATTLE -- It's a little slice of France, right in the heart of Ballard. Bastille is equal parts cafe and bar, but no bistro.

"Bistro stems from the first occupation of Paris with the Russians when they would come and eat and they would scream, 'Bistro! Bistro!' which means 'Quick! Quick! Quick!. And cafe kind of means casual style of dining," explains executive chef Shannon Galusha, formerly of Veil.

Galusha has created a menu that's a virtual snapshot of Parisian cafe favorites.

"Things like poulet roti (roasted chicken) or steak frites that are kind of intermingled with little bits of my personality."

There are also influences from the South of France, Morocco and North Africa.

"We have a falafel on our menu that is going to be growing into the little take-out window that we're planning to open in the near future. We have a grilled octopus dish that has preserved lemons and harissa."

The former metal works and steel shop is now all dressed up - complete with a rooftop garden, a back bar...and draped with a collection of salvaged items from Paris.

"I think the decor of Bastille in the front is probably a Paris subway station meets the Ille St. Louis; some of the bridges and the architecture."

Shannon says he's been tending to a packed house ever since Bastille opened June 29th.

"What I want my diners to feel and experience after they've left is, 'Holy smokes! That was an awesome meal. That was great warm and friendly service, it wasn't very expensive and the food was outstanding. I can't wait to come back!"

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