Go Eat! Fresh Bistro

Go Eat! Fresh Bistro
It's a breath of fresh air in West Seattle.

Fresh Bistro, which opened in May, fills a much-needed niche with its casual atmosphere, affordable prices and great food.

"It's my Northwest take on International bistro food," says executive chef Dalis (DA-lee) Chea, who heads-up the open kitchen. "Bistro food is usually really rich and decadent; we're trying to freshen it up here, no pun intended.

"There's a couple of seats up there at the kitchen bar; that's kind of a cool spot to sit. I recommend that to couples and foodies alike, because chefs kind of treat you well up there."

When Dalis's not at Fresh Bistro, he's a busy co-owner of Herban Feast catering, which he's been a part of for more than a decade.

"We took maybe half of the items that we do serve on our catering menus and kind of doctored them up so they're more restaurant-friendly."

Dalis, who's cooked at both Canlis and The Oceanaire, says there are a handful of customer favorites on his menu.

"We have a braised pork belly bahn mi and it's delicious. It has a fried egg on it. We do our own pickled daikon and carrots and we do a little salad of Thai basil, cilantro and onions. And it has a foie gras mayo on it. We also do a shiso-crusted honey pecan prawns and we do that with a siracha foam and a honey-lime dressing."

Fresh Bistro also does a killer weekend brunch.

"One of my favorite things on the brunch menu is the bibimbop. It's a Korean rice bowl dish and we serve it in a really hot earthenware bowl. So, basically your cooking your rice and your eggs and your steak in there at the same time."

That's just some of the great food he wants his customers to not only enjoy, but find value in.

"We're trying to be on a lower price-point verses a higher price-point. We have our housemade rolls here, you know, we do chive butter and goat cheese for their rolls and their biscuits and we don't charge for those here. So, I really do want them to feel like they got quite a bit for what they paid."

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