Go Eat! 'What I want is an urban assault pig'

Go Eat! 'What I want is an urban assault pig'
You can't miss the newest venture from Beecher's Cheese owner, Kurt Dammeier. He's selling pork sandwiches out of a giant PIG.

"Maybe the best way to describe it is to tell you what my very first description was to the artist when I hired him. I said, 'I don't want a cutesy pig, what I want is an urban assault pig.'"

The taco-truck-turned-porker became an instant hit with locals when it opened in June.

Photo: Michelle Huston

"There's almost a constant stream of people taking a picture of it. Even if they're not buying anything I love it because you're just kind of bringing a little joy into peoples' day," Dammeier says.

Dammeier, who also owns Pasta & Co.and Bennett's Pure Food Bistro, opened Maximus Minimus for purely selfish reason: he wanted a place he and his staff could have pork sandwiches for lunch.

"Everything on the menu has either a maximus, slightly spicy, or a minimus, slightly sweet, version of it."

Dammeier says he'd like to see more street food offered in Seattle.

"I would really like to see Seattle become the kind of city that is not so caught up in its knickers that it can let that happen."

He says it's about the city letting mobile food operations run more freely.

"It's a combination of letting go of regulations a little bit, which we're not really that good at in Seattle. And not safety regulations, but the kinds of regulations of where you can do things."

Right now, you can find Maximus Minimus on the corner of second Pike every day from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (sometimes later). Just look for the line of hungry folks. Oh, and the giant pig-shaped bus.

Places Dammeier likes to Go Eat!: Serious Pie, Maximilien.

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