Go Eat! Two rules: 'No rap and no Dave Matthews'

Go Eat! Two rules: 'No rap and no Dave Matthews'
If the Hard Rock Cafe shed the corporate feel, played better music and served world-class cocktails, it would be a lot like the Feedback Lounge.

"No sports, no pool tables, no foosball, just music," says Jeff Gilbert, who opened The Feedback Lounge in West Seattle this past April.

The former home of Beveridge Place (which moved across the street) showcases not only great drinks, but Jeff's personal collection of rock memorabilia, which includes the hundreds of tickets stubs from every concert he's ever been to.

"I follow The Rolling Stones on tour; I've seen KISS every time that they've ever played Seattle, dating back to 1974; I've seen Tony Bennett, The Bee Gees, Kris Kristofferson, Barbra Streisand; If it's music I'll go."

There's also a Whammy Bar (a reference to the little tremolo arm on a guitar). "It's a satellite bar in the back and that's where I put all of my vintage, and just outright weird guitars that I've been collecting for years."

As a former Senior Editor of the legendary Seattle music doctrine, The Rocket, and a current marketer for Live Nation, it shouldn't come as a surprise that all of the music you hear at The Feedback comes from Jeff's personal collection.

"You have two rules musically here: no rap and no Dave Matthews," Gilbert said.

But, there is everything else: all-out rock, big band swing, psychadelic, rockabilly, you name it.

"I've spent so much money on my personal collection of music that I didn't know if I was going to have enough money to sink into this bar."

The food is a nod to homestyle cooking, courtesy of chef Tony Kurzinski.

"Right now, huge sellers are bourbon walnut chicken. I run a rib special on Sundays. I can't keep enough ribs in-house for everybody," says Kurzinski.

As for the cocktails, Jeff's business partner Matt Johnson gets credit for that. "He's a world-class bartender. He has a drink recipe list of his own that's 300 drinks deep."

Jeff admits Seattle has some really great bars, but he wants The Feedback to be different then all of them.

"(Matt and I) wanted this bar to be a place where you could come and listen to music that wasn't being drilled into your head and a place where you could have a conversation and actually get back to talking and not have to look up at a sports screen and just relax. We're doing pretty good so far."

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