Go Eat! When dinner is the show

Go Eat! When dinner is the show
He's described as a notoriously anti-social, part-genius, and part-sociopath culinary pioneer. He is... Chef Nordo, the man behind a roving restaurant currently setting up shop at the Theo Chocolate warehouse in Fremont.

"Cafe Nordo is a restaurant that is fixated upon giving people a full experience with their food," says Terry Podgorski, who scripted the project.

He says Cafe Nordo bears witness to the life and death of a chicken, from egg to platter, through a five course meal.

"The first (course) is an amuse bouche of parsley soup with a creme fraiche and lemon curd on top of that. But the creme fraiche and lemon curd is shaped like a little egg. The salad course has a poached egg in it, sitting in a nest made of wheat and parmesan on a bed of spinach and arugula."

You get the idea. The main course is, of course, chicken with some theatrics thrown in for good measure. But no worries; this isn't the kind of interactive schtick where you'll be pulled up on stage.

"No. Nobody gets pulled on stage, but the servers are very personable and very direct. It's interactive in that way," Podgorski says.

The servers are actually referred to as "guides."

"Because they kind of guide you through the meal and there's a couple of times where we give specific directions on how to eat the meal."

$85 buys your meal, wine and hopefully a new found respect for your food.

"I want (diners) to think about where their food comes from and have a different sensibility."

Cafe Nordo runs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday (with the exception of Halloween) through November 21st. After that, Chef Nordo heads to San Francisco.

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