Go Eat! All vegan but still a treat

Go Eat! All vegan but still a treat
Holidays may be one of the most challenging times of the year to avoid indulging in sweets.

It's one of the reasons Jennifer Katzinger opened Flying Apron bakery.

"Flying Apron is a gluten-free, dairy and egg-free, all organic little bakery and cafe in Fremont," says Jennifer, who admits she has a hard time not baking. She opened Flying Apron with her father in 2002.

"We were having coffee and he said, 'Why don't we start a bakery?' and I said, 'You're nuts! It's going to be so hard!'"

She started experimenting with vegan pastries when she became a vegan in college.

"And I was literally obsessed with it. I would flip through Gourmet Magazine and Bon Appetit all the time and think, 'How can I change this to make it dairy and wheat free and unrefined?' Not necessarily gluten-free; I didn't very much know the difference at that point."

When she opened Flying Apron as a tiny take-out window in the U-District, she says she immediately started meeting people who had different reasons for not eating gluten or wheat.

"To have this spread before their eyes for themselves or their children and to feel like a regular person going to a bakery for that outing. I never anticipated the customers to be so heart-warmed by such and experience, so that really blew my mind."

After that, her menu went entirely gluten-free.

"Our stuff is going to be a little bit heavier and less sweet -- not necessarily because it's gluten-free or vegan but because that's our style here."

Jennifer moved her bakery to Fremont two years ago.

"Being able to have a place where people sit and stay has been such a joy. And to watch people eat the food, you know, before they'd take it away and I'd wish I could see them take a bite of it!"

Her favorites include... "For a while it was our carrot muffin and right now I have to admit it's our chocolate chip cookie," she says. "I know that's kind of a standard American favorite, but there's something just so satisfying about a chocolate chip cookie."

What goes into a vegan chocolate chip cookie, you ask?

"It's all organic and we use canola oil, evaporated cane juice, rice milk, brown rice flour, garbanzo bean flour, a little vanilla, a little sea salt and chocolate. It's pretty much as simple as that."

And hennifer recently released her first cookbook.

"Growing up, I never really imagined having my own little restaurant, but here we are and it's been wonderful."

Places Jennifer likes to Go Eat: Cafe Flora, Plum.

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