Go Eat! From sound engineer to chef at two restaurants

Go Eat! From sound engineer to chef at two restaurants
Not many people can say they're the executive chef of two restaurants. But Dylan Giordan can.

"It's tricky, but I have a great kitchen staff and having some really talented sous chefs and a lot of people who have stuck around here for a long time that I really trust," says Dylan, who plays head hash slinger for both Serafina and it's newest sibling, Cicchetti.

"Serafina's got a long reputation and a lot of followers. Some people going over to Cicchetti are expecting Serafina Junior and aren't really finding that, but they're finding something different that they like."

While Serafina offers a romantic twist on rustic Italian fare, Cicchetti s a Mediterranean small plates restaurant.

"We're doing a roasted lamb leg with some lentils and a garlic yogurt. We make our own focaccia bread and serve it with a really nice organic Trampetti olive oil. One of the favorite things is the dessert -- it's a ricotta fritter filled with huckleberry sauce, kind of like a jelly doughnut. We've got a couple of pizzas on (the menu)."

You can't miss Cicchetti; it's right across the courtyard from Serafina and, according to Dylan, more of a party.

Dylan Giordan

"Serafina, you know, it's loud and romantic and bustling. Over (at Cicchetti) it's a little more sleek, a little more fun, I think; for me, it's a little more fun!"

And fun is exactly why Dylan chose to cook for a living; it beat out sound engineering, a career that brought Dylan to Seattle from Chicago 10 years ago.

"Being in the field that I was in, I wanted to be in a larger market city and Seattle won out over Atlanta."

Dylan's first gig in Seattle was at Flying Fish.

"When I came to the Northwest, that's really where I found the passion for being in the kitchen."

He worked there for eight months before landing a job at Serafina, a job he says has been great ever since.

"Making people happy with food is just really satisfying."

Places Dylan likes to Go Eat!: Cafe Juanita, Quinn's, Le Pichet, Monsoon.

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