Go Eat!

Entertainment Go Eat! A Seattle institution Go Eat! A Seattle institution (Audio)
Never eaten at The Georgian Room? Chances are, you don't think you can afford it or are a bit overwhelmed by the over-the-top elegance. If so, executive chef Gavin Stephenson has a few choice words for you.
Entertainment Go Eat! Seattle's bar belle Go Eat! Seattle's bar belle (Audio)
Bar belle, tastemaker, Seattle pub maven. Whatever you call her, Linda Derschang is undoubtedly the city's premier go-to gal when it comes to opening a neighborhood pub.
Entertainment Go Eat! Tendrils Go Eat! Tendrils (Audio)
Yep. It's quite a drive. But the city of Quincy holds a restaurant that not only serves great food, it provides a unique view that trumps any dining room you can find in Seattle.
Entertainment Go Eat! A pub with a sports problem Go Eat! A pub with a sports problem (Audio)
When you walk into Buckley's, the first thing you'll notice is about 10 TVs, sports banners hanging from the rafters, and guys sitting at the bar watching their favorite game. Buckley's, however, is no sports bar.
Entertainment Go Eat! Spur Go Eat! Spur (Audio)
What do you call the newest Seattle hot-spot that's a cross between neighborhood bistro and upscale saloon?
Entertainment Go Eat! Worth the drive Go Eat! Worth the drive (Audio)
Looking for a great getaway this summer? Hop a ferry to Kitsap Peninsula and take a short, scenic drive to Hood Canal, where the Alderbrook Resort and Spa awaits.
Entertainment Go Eat: Moxie Go Eat: Moxie (Audio)
'Food with nerve' is the motto of this cozy restaurant snuggled between KeyArena and McCaw Hall near the Seattle Center.