Go Eat!

Entertainment Go Eat! Big flavor from a tiny restaurant Go Eat! Big flavor from a tiny restaurant(Audio)
Every night you can find Portage owner Vuong Loc in the kitchen, cooking up a French-inspired menu. "You're not going to come here and then hurry up to go out to the club," Loc says. "This is the event of the night."
Entertainment Go Eat! A new look for Matt's Go Eat! A new look for Matt's(Audio)
What started out as a tiny counter perched above the Pike Place Market has nearly tripled in size after a lengthy remodel. But Matt's in the Market has maintained the integrity it's held for the past 12 years.
Entertainment Go Eat! Seizing an opportunity Go Eat! Seizing an opportunity(Audio)
Holly Smith has been drawn to restaurants since she was a child, and even had menus in mind before owning her own restaurant. So when the chance to purchase an Italian fine-dining joint came along, she didn't hesitate.
Entertainment Go Eat! Art of the Table Go Eat! Art of the Table(Video)
Dustin Ronspies quietly opened a tiny restaurant last June - with loads of talent and passion - but absolutely no reputation. But 'Art of the Table' has become a hit with Seattle diners.
Entertainment Go Eat! Orangette Go Eat! Orangette(Audio)
This is a story about following your heart and finding a job you can really sink your teeth - and soul - into.
Entertainment Go Eat! A very tasty walk Go Eat! A very tasty walk(Audio)
Whether you've lived in Seattle all your life or are just getting acquainted with the city, there's a new culinary tour of Pike Place Market you don't want to miss.
Entertainment Oh! Chocolate Oh! Chocolate(Audio)
This family of chocolatiers has something that is sure to satisfy every sweet tooth.
Entertainment Go Eat! Salumi Go Eat! Salumi(Audio)
Behind most good meals is a good family. Case in point, Armandino Batali: father of celebrity chef Mario Batali and a man many consider the Grand Poobah of artisan cured meats.