Viewers to Ken: 'Where does the nudity stop?'


By Ken Schram

While most viewers agreed with my giving this week's “Schrammie” to a Bonney Lake guy who's all foamed up over bikini-clad baristas, a sizable number of folks wanted to take me to task.  (Read earlier commentary at this link.)

Kim Sathre writes: "We moved away from large suburbs and big cities to get away from this kind of trash. ... If you need boobs with your morning coffee, hit the big city (but) stay out of my neighborhood."

Ken Shaneyfelt: "Have we all lost our marbles? Are we just so far gone that naked women in our everyday life is acceptable?"

Rebecca Green: "The practice of bikinis on young girls should be kept at the pools and beaches where they were made for! Not in businesses!"

Patty Jolly: "There are a lot of us that are so weary of the increasingly permissive, anything goes society. ... It's about time someone said, 'Stop, we've had enough.' And for those that did, yay for them!"

And finally, from D. Jackson: "Ken ... have you no morals? ... The beach and the privacy of your own home is the only place appropriate for bikinis. ... What's next? Librarians? Nearly nude police officers? Where would they carry their guns? (How about) news reporters in thongs?"

Hmmm. I don't know about that. Tell you what though - I’ll see if Bryan Johnson is willing.

Thanks for writing everyone.

Take care and have a great Memorial Day weekend.

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