Go Eat! Spur


Photo: Kristin Zwiers

By Julien Perry

What do you call the newest Seattle hot-spot that's a cross between neighborhood bistro and upscale saloon?

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"We wanted to take the techniques that we've learned at fine-dining restaurants and apply them in a bar setting," says Dana Tough, half of the chef team at Spur gastropub which he opened with owner Brian McCracken in the former Mistral space in Belltown.

Brian explains the name:

"Everything happened on such a spur of the moment idea and it kind of quickly came together. So, that with me wanting to focus on a new American version of a gastropub with the themes of nice wood textures everywhere, it all brings in that kind of slightly western theme but very, very urban and nice."

Brian came up with the concept several years ago while he and Dana both worked at Earth & Ocean…

"We've worked together and have very similar ideas when it comes to food and restaurants and it just seemed like a good fit to bring it all together. And we're good friends, too."

Brian's resume includes the catering company Flyte Seattle while Dana was most recently the Chef de Cuisine at Tilth.

"There's not a whole lot of places in Seattle where you can, you either go out and have a good time or go out to dinner and we want to create a dining experience, but also a fun place to go out with friends so there's cohesiveness between food and drink and that's what we wanted to do -- at an honest price," says Dana.

The two guys are only 27-years old, but their menu is seasoned. Think of your favorite pub-grub with a twist.

"Our twist on steak frite would be our flat-iron steak with a crispy fried potato and it comes out really nice and elegant, but it's still just a twist on a good old classic," says Brian.

Dana says less than a month into the new biz, there are already clear favorites.

"Our salmon crostinis, which are kind of a play on the cold-smoked lox with bagel. Another one is our bison burger, which people love. Our pork belly sliders with housemade mustard, smoked orange marmalade and sherry gastrique."

It's the type of food Brian likes to eat -- approachable and interactive.

"I'm not going to say that we're the best place out there, I think that sounds arrogant. I really just think that we have a fun, unique thing to offer and that's really, really great food that I'm very proud of and really, really great drink that I'm proud of."

Places Brian likes to Go Eat!: Shiro's, Tilth, Union.
Places Dana likes to Go Eat!: Tavolata, Union, How to Cook a Wolf, Tilth, Sitka & Spruce.

For more information: www.spurseattle.com

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