The Schrammie: Take a bow, Diamond lot owner


By Ken Schram

SEATTLE - The spaces are overvalued and overpriced.

Why wouldn't the owners turn out to be overbearing?

So, would Joel Diamond stick a C-note in the correctly numbered slot and come on down.

Joel is the big parking Kahuna who seems intent on killing the tailgating tradition for proud Seahawk fans.

He owns the lot down by Qwest Field that's been fondly dubbed "Hawk Heaven."

Last Sunday, "Jiltin' Joel" notified tailgaters that the proverbial boot had been chained to their game day celebrations.

Oh, they could pay their $40 to park, but under no circumstances would any fun or frivolity be allowed.

Jiltin' Joel quickly amended the eviction decision, but is standing fast on his other dictate: No beer, no merlot, no bloody mary's.

No alcohol of any kind.

Jiltin' Joel obviously doesn't grasp the concept of tailgating and is unduly wary of tailgaters tarnishing the tarmac of his neatly numbered parking stalls.

Well Jiltin' Joel, for what has to be considered unsportsmanlike conduct; for being far too prissy about parking lot decorum and for raising your rates on game day while lowering your opinion of Hawk fans, take a bow, because this "Schrammie" is for you.