Ken Schram: Where's the support for the troops?


By Ken Schram

SEATTLE - FUBAR comes to mind.

The sanitized translation for that military acronym amounts to "Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition."

FUBAR is directly related to a Pentagon policy that is at best confusing, and at worst despicable.

Service members who've been seriously wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan are being asked to repay a pro-rated portion of their reenlistment bonuses if it's decided they can't remain on active duty.

The Pentagon says it's all a clerical error, but the notices keep going out and one U.S. Senator says thousands of combat wounded veterans are being denied the bonuses they earned.

Outraged New York Senator Charles Schumer says officials at the Pentagon keep giving different answers as to what exactly is going on.

So where the hell are all those other members of Congress who proclaim gratitude and support for the troops?

And where's the public outrage over a Pentagon policy that's being passed off as a minor clerical error?

Tell you what, when the Pentagon can give these wounded vets back the eyesight and limbs and everything else they lost, then the Pentagon can ask for their money back.

Until then, file this FUBAR policy where the sun doesn't shine.

If you're upset about this situation, contact Senator Cantwell or Senator Murray.

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