Schrammie: A bobblehead for the mayor's stocking


By Ken Schram

SEATTLE - Maybe he thought he was being clever, or funny.

But I doubt if there was a "ha, ha, ha" to be had, and I'm sure nothing even close to a "ho, ho, ho."

Regardless, I'd like to ask Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels to stop feeding the reindeer and come on down.

Last week Hizzoner was speaking to a crowd gathered for the season that no politically correct person dare even mention.


Hizzoner seized the holiday moment to announce "Operation Save Santa."

It was a stirring global warming speech, replete with concern about how the North Pole might be melting and wondering if Donder and Blitzen can swim.

I'm sure the little children who were there went home with thoughts of how to reduce their little carbon footprints dancing through their heads.

So, for seizing the moment to mesmerize yourself with the sound of your own voice; for verbally wagging a political finger at some folks who were just looking to get into the Christmas spirit and for conjuring up the inane idea that you should lead the charge to save Santa by handing out energy efficient light bulbs, take a bow Mayor Nickels, because this "Schrammie" is for you.

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