Ken Schram: Hopefully it won't happen again


By Ken Schram

Let's hope this issue is now resolved.

Last week I wrote a commentary on how TSA screeners mishandled a pair of Fort Lewis soldiers who were accompanying a colleague's body to Virginia for burial.

They were made to put down the flag that covered the soldier's coffin and then had to publicly strip down to their T-shirts, pants and socks.

Congressman Norm Dicks read the commentary on-line and was on this issue like white on rice.

He had detailed conversations with TSA and The Department of Homeland Security officials back in D.C.

Bottom line: TSA says that protocols and training will be updated to assure nothing like this happens again.

I'm told military personnel escorting a body for burial will go from the airport tarmac directly to the boarding area.

All other military travelers in uniform will, if necessary, be taken to a private area if a more detailed search is required.

As for the two Fort Lewis soldiers, I'm told they will be getting a formal apology from TSA officials for what they were made to endure out at Sea-Tac.

It has yet to be decided what, if any, disciplinary action will be taken against the screener at Sea-Tac.

Now, let's see if TSA lives up to its word.


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