Ken Schram: It's simple... don't run from cops


By Ken Schram

SEATTLE -- General rule of thumb: Don't run from the cops.

Marcel Richardson probably figured that out a few minutes into the New Year.

Richardson got into some sort of confrontation with police shortly after midnight as New Year's Eve became New Year's Day in the area around Seattle Center, and then took off like a rabbit.

By the time several cops had run him down, Richardson was still defiantly refusing to lie down flat on the ground.

At that point, officers could've thumped him into doing what they wanted him to do, or get their message across with a healthy jolt of electricity.

Video of what took place shows Richardson getting juiced while on his hands and knees, surrounded by police.

I asked some cops I know about this because it looks like there was no real reason to Tase him.

Their explanation was pretty simple: If any of the cops that were still trying to get him down had been in contact with him when he got Tased, they also would've been knocked on their butts by the electricity.

Of course Richardson's family is now crying foul.

His aunt says the police are nothing but a licensed gang.

In a way, she's right.

They're the gang that we hire and authorize to go after the bad guys.

So keep this in mind: If you're not one of the bad guys and don't want to be treated like one, it's simple: Don't run from the cops.

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