Ken Schram: Much disagreement over Tasing


By Ken Schram

While a majority of people agreed with me, a sizeable number of folks took real exception to my commentary about the guy who ran from police on New Year's Eve and wound up getting tased.

Ed Hughes writes: "I'm a pretty strong supporter of law enforcement...but...if (an)...officer can confront, detain and order a law abiding citizen around, and (then) assault that citizen if he or she doesn't comply...then we have a police state."

Steve Hawkes: "I agree that in some cases (police) should use (a taser), but not when the guy is on the ground on all fours."

Tom S. Kendall: "Thanks ken. You just justified the police state...It's New Year's Eve. He's drunk. He taunts a cop and runs...On that night of any...cut the guy some slack."

And finally, from Maria Teresa Blankenship: "Ken, I've heard you say some ignorant things, but (this) beats them all...I can tell you that as a minority, if a cop tells me to stop, I'm sure as heck going to run because I don't know what his intentions are...Be careful ken, your white privilege is showing."

Maria, it's not white privilege that keeps me from running away from cops. It's something called the law.

Thanks for writing everyone, and have a great weekend.


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