Ken Schram: A better way to go after drunk drivers


By Ken Schram

SEATTLE - So now the governor wants to get tough on drunk driving.

Is her plan to go back to the Legislature and toughen up the pitifully weak felony DUI law that went into effect last July?

You know, the one that gives drunk drivers 10 years to rack up 4 or more DUI's?

Hell no.

The governor's idea is to set up sobriety checkpoints so that police can arbitrarily stop anyone out driving on a particular stretch of road at a particular time.

In other words, it's about showmanship over substance.

I don't like sobriety checkpoints.

Not because I have any interest in protecting drunk drivers, but because I'm not too keen on giving up another piece of our constitutional rights.

Call me simplistic, but I'm kind of partial to those 4th amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure.

So while I'm all for Governor Gregoire getting tough on drunk driving, I'd prefer something more direct, like actually going after drunk drivers while leaving the rest of us sober folks alone.

Like I said, a good place to start would be fixing that felony DUI law that keeps putting drunks back on the road.

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